Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Days 4-5 of Everyday

On Mondays, Jessica who just turned 9 comes over for art time after school.  This week we made some cool papers using wet into wet watercolors and then placed saran wrap over the wet paint to get the  pattern you see here.  Just let the colors dry and remove the wrap to see the jewel shapes that seem to magically appear.

Then we cut the papers into rounds of petals and constructed our flowers.  We did the colors on both sides of the paper so there was color everywhere.  They were lots of fun to create and Jessica took home the little bouquet.

Then today my ZenFriends group met so I took some of the papers and cut them into 3.5" squares and gave them to the ladies to play with while we chatted away.  We always have a good time sharing our Zentangles and our lives.  It is time well spent sitting, laughing, supporting, creating and yes, just breathing as the busy world goes by.  Thanks ladies, I needed you.

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