Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Day in Riverside

Yeah!! I finally got to meet up with Marta ! We met at the Riverside Art Museum for the Watercolor West Show with some of my friends. After we all had lunch, Marta and I stayed a little longer and sketched. We sat on a wall in front of the library and enjoyed the sunshine, a little talking and this pagoda. Mine looks like it might fall down any minute but I assure you it is solid. I ask you, is perspective really all that important? It was a really fun day and Marta and I hope to get together again soon.

Going along with the Asian theme, I decided to post this little sketch from my sister's house in Washington. I like to draw objects but I really need to work on my buildings and structures and that perspective thing.

Only one more page in this Robert Bateman Sketchbook. I already have the next one ready to go.