Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Two More Fishkets

I said I would and I did…pushed that plate a couple more times to get these two prints.

This plate was done after the red one on the previous post.  I added a metallic gold over the remaining red and then played with the linocuts of fish and the gaskets to add more information to the plate.
After printing the gold print, I added a lovely blue over the remaining information and played some more even adding a new gasket.  

I have decided to call this series "Fishkets"….sounded better than Gaskish to me.  Now I am waiting for that big special coupon for the framing so they can be displayed together.

5.5" x 14"  Speedball Inks

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gaskets and Fish

I have a smaller class this semester for Monoprinting and this affords me a little press time of my own.  Yesterday, I brought a group of gaskets I picked up somewhere and some linocuts of some fish I had done awhile back. Now generally gaskets and fish wouldn't be in the same thought but when one of those gaskets looks like a shell the mind seems to think, "well…maybe".

On the first plate I mixed a teal blue for the background and then used the linocuts to stamp images on the plate. I also pressed some small gaskets into the wet background to lift some ink and leave a vague image. Then I inked the gaskets and placed them on the plate for printing.

When you remove the gaskets after printing there is lots of information left on the plate so without washing the plate I added yellow ink to the background and then stamped more fish and gaskets and printed a second paper. After that print there was still great information left on the plate so on to more manipulation and the red print.

I thought that would be it but darn if there wasn't even more interested stuff left behind.  Put the plate in my drawer to wait for next class and a few more pulls on the press.

5.5" x 14" Plates  Waterbased Speedball Inks