Sunday, November 9, 2014

Re-Working a Non-Working piece

When I was in Italy with Brenda Swenson we were working on doing a negative space painting. Unfortunately, the paper I was working on had very little sizing and turned into a blotter making it impossible for me to move the paint around.  So I started over on another paper but of course I couldn't just throw out the work I had already done.

Hmmmm?…..what could I do with the first set of leaves?

Zentangle to the rescue!  My ZenFriend, Linda liked the fuzzy edges of the leaves so I outlined them just inside the shape of leaves to leave a little glow around them.  I used some variations of fescu to fill in some of the back ground.  It was fun to re-work a non-working piece into something I like.

6" x 6" bad Watercolor paper
Watercolor with Pen