Monday, January 12, 2015

More Playing Around

Amoeba? Jellyfish?

It is so funny sometimes when a zentangle becomes something else.  It is kind of like looking at clouds and finding something.  I really like the movement of this one.

5" x 5" Handbook

This one started out as a Sharla exercise at our monthly ZenFriends meeting.  I like the cross hatched background which came about because I was too lazy to fill it in solid black.  Being lazy can be a good thing!

5" x 5" Handbook

I played a little more with the colorful ropes using the Zentangle "hollibaugh" as the pattern for this one.  Playing with these has a very zen quality very similar to the calming "zen" of Zentangles.

5" x 7" in my sketchbook

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Little Abstract Fun

One day while I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, Kathleen Pequignot, I came across a great set of step photos on this idea.  I loved the patterns, colors and depth and thought it would be a great lesson for Sruthi and myself.

This one belongs to Sruthi…….

and this one is mine.

We had a great time chatting and getting lost in the process of coloring and shading, keeping the center light to help boost the dimension.
These are somewhere in the 6" to 7" range done in our sketchbooks with pen and color pencils.

Check out  Kathleen Pequignot, you can link to her site from my blog friends list.  She is a wonderful artist and I love her sense of whimsey.  Her daughter is a wonderful musician as well.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Get Your Zen On

Are you are looking for a little Zen after the holidays? Join me in San Clemente for a one day workshop on Zentangles.   This is a beginning class and no art experience is needed.  A beginning Starter Kit is included so all you need is your sense of fun and adventure.

San Clemente Art Supply
1531 N. El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Art Day with Sruthi

Today my neighbor girl, Sruthi and I played at being loose with our artwork.  First we drew some flowers with Generals water soluable pencils. Then we painted the background working around the outsides of the flowers.  I went back in with my micron 05 pen and Sruthie just added a few accents with her pen.

Next we played with some abstracts.  I used the Micron 05 permanent pen and Sruthie used a gel pen that moved a little when she added the watercolors.  As you can see as I drew my abstract, she was coping mine but making it her own.  Funny, she was across the table from me so her is reversed from mine.  I think I like hers better, I so struggle with abstracts.
These were done in our 3" x 5" Strathmore Bristol books.  I think they are both way cool.
Great afternoon and Great work Sruthi!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays to you all!
I hope you enjoy all the festivities with your families and friends.  Don't forget to have a cup of cheer for me…or some cookies….or some cake….oh and more of those great potatoes!

This a 5" x 7" card I made for our annual handmade card exchanged.  I found the image of the stocking and broke up the space into "windows" and then had some fun.  I decided to leave the bow without tangles and colored it red with a belly roll pen and then outlined the card with little red dots. It was chosen by Ede.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Just Playing

Another "play" page in my 5" Handbook.  This one took an interesting turn…fat palm trees, funny pineapples or funky musical instruments?  Any way you look at it, it was fun, fun, fun.

More playing with the new tangle "Arukas"  I have to say it was more interesting and fun than I thought when I first saw it.  Lots and lots of possibilities here!

Also in my 5" Handbook.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Re-Working a Non-Working piece

When I was in Italy with Brenda Swenson we were working on doing a negative space painting. Unfortunately, the paper I was working on had very little sizing and turned into a blotter making it impossible for me to move the paint around.  So I started over on another paper but of course I couldn't just throw out the work I had already done.

Hmmmm?…..what could I do with the first set of leaves?

Zentangle to the rescue!  My ZenFriend, Linda liked the fuzzy edges of the leaves so I outlined them just inside the shape of leaves to leave a little glow around them.  I used some variations of fescu to fill in some of the back ground.  It was fun to re-work a non-working piece into something I like.

6" x 6" bad Watercolor paper
Watercolor with Pen

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Waiting and waiting and…..

What do I do when in Amsterdam waiting for a plane to Pisa?  Whip out my little 5 inch handbook and play with Zentangles.  It sure makes the time go faster.

And then what do you do when your flight 10 days later from Pisa to Amsterdam is delayed and delayed and delayed?  More pen and ink and little calming voice in my head.

And hours later when all the Italians and students are yelling at airport personnel…….of course another Zentangle!  This one I finished up waiting for my plane from Amsterdam to home.  Ahhh…….thank you Zentangle for filling the waiting.