Friday, February 3, 2017

Encaustic Collagraph Workshop

New fun!  I took a great workshop from Elise Wagner at David A. Clark's studio in Palm Springs.
I have worked on collagraph plates before but not with encaustic wax.  A collagrah plate is a printmaking plate that has texture in the design.  Then the plate is inked and a print is pulled, then more or different inks and more printing.
This is my plate which is a plexiglass plate that I etched some lines into and then using the wax and heating tools I built up my plate.  I took the picture on paper so you could see the design.

This is the first print I pulled from the plate.  Using a plain plexi plate I inked it up with the grey ink and manipulated the ink with a cloth and q tips making the white swirls.  The collagraph plate was inked with a dark blue ink and then wiped to leave ink in the textured areas.   The background plate is printed first and the plates are swapped and the collagraph plate is printed on top of the first prints.

This is the second print with a different color and manipulated background but using the same color on the collagraph plate.  Again using the double drop technique, printing two plates on one sheet of paper.

The plates and prints are 8" x 8"  The design at the bottom of the plate was made using a doily made by my grandma Ethel.

This print was done by using the blue ink that was left on the collagraph plate and top rolling a peachy color over the plate.  The back ground plate was also top rolled with a rosy color over the ink that was left form the first run through the press.  Again a double drop print.

Check out and to see some of their great works and their workshop schedule.

David does Encaustic monoprints and we are planning on a return trip to Palm Springs for another adventure in his studio.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Snowmen


These little snowmen are actually an accordion card I made for a Holiday Handmade Card Exchange with my art group.  It measures 5"x18" but was too long to scan as the whole card.
They were drawn with a micron pen on Stonehenge print paper and then I added a little water color.  They were very fun and I think they are very cute and festive.

****See you next year!****

Friday, September 2, 2016

The End of Summer Journal group

I can't believe summer is over already…..but time goes so quickly when it is full of laughter, joy, and the company of great people.

Thank you Ladies for the many hours filled with all of this and more.  I really enjoy "color therapy" with you all and can't wait for next summer.

But wait I will see you at a different art gathering or in class or for a quick bite and some more joy!

A few last double page spreads before I go.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Art Group

Twice a month in the summer I host an open Art Day Studio at my house for art friends.  It started last summer working in our art journals but this year people paint, draw, Zentangle and of course work in their Art Journals.  I am hoping to finish this journal in the last two meetings so I can start a second, I only have four pages left.

This first page is all about happiness and choosing to be Happy.

 This page was started last summer with …"ideas to steal and merci".  This year I added pieces of monoprints and rubber stamp numbers.  It still needs some words on the page as do others but I have the whole month of August…..oh…I'd better get going!

7" x 10" Sketchbook

Of course there are always Zentangles popping up here and there….this one looks like the kitten got into the knitting yarn again!

I saw a version of this on Pinterest and thought it looked like a fun way to spend a little time and it was.  It was also a great place to play with one of my favorites……weighted lines!

5" x 5" Handbook

Friday, June 24, 2016

Angles, Geometry and Feathers

This fun page was started with a rubber stamp image, the square with the "A" and clock.  I first darkened the stamp image with my micron 01 pen.  Then I decided to work with lines and angles to break up the background.  Filling in areas with little circles and wavy lines finished it up.

Having done the angle thing, I moved on to some circles and used lines to crisscross the page. Using the lines as my threads to divide up the circles, I then added Zentangle patterns and a few textures.

Next I was back to a favorite…Feathers!….and a leaf.  I just love the varied shapes of feathers and it is just plain fun to put pen to paper and draw feathers and leaves. This page may or may not be done.  I may go back and work on breaking up the background with……….something.

5" square Handbook
Micron 01 pen

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beginning Zentangle Class

I will be teaching a Beginning Zentangle Class at San Clemente Art Supply on June 11 from 10am-4pm. 
Seats still available.  Go to SCARTSUPPLY.COM for more information and to register.
'Explore the Exciting World of Zentangle!' with Deborah Goldman, CZT WSDG02Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 10am-4pm.  $85.00 Includes a starter kit and will…

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tree Challenge

Every month in my art critique group, we do a challenge to push our creativity.  This month we were given a copy of this tree to use as our inspiration for any medium in any size.

I decided to combine a lino cut with monoprint backgrounds to make a series of prints.

This is the lino cut plate with the background cut away.  It is an 8" x 10" piece of unmounted linoleum to it could go through the press.

These are the 8" x 10" prints in a variety of color combos.

I went for a series of different colors which look like sherbet to me!

I will have to play with more colors soon.
 I then decided to wrap the prints around 5" x 7" museum canvases using matt medium.

After that dried I added two coats of gloss medium, letting each layer dry.

You can actually see the texture of the embossing of the linocut in the finished pieces.

It was a great challenge.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fitting in Zentangle Time

A little Zen here…a little Zen there….gets the job done.

Though playing with Zentangles is never a job!  Pushing some tangles in new directions is very relaxing and fun.

This one was started in my ZenFriends group.

This one was started in another group I belong to, Tangled Expressions.  Then I worked on it at the car dealership waiting for service on my car and then finished it up at home.

Both of these are in my 5" x 5" Handbook which is a great size to carry around in my purse with a few pens.