Friday, August 31, 2018

Slowly Getting Back in the Game

Well, I'm slowly coming back or I should say my wrist and hand are. It's slow progress but the operative word here is progress.  Getting back into my art with some Zentangles. This one I did while booth sitting for a friend at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA.

 …and this one was also done at the Festival.  It was great fun to be in this great artistic venue with Music, Art and lots of friendly people who were fun to interact and chat with.

I finished one last little window on this one which I had started a while ago in my new book.

Rick's Paradox is the first page in that new book.  It looks complicated but is a really good warm up to letting the ink flow with repetitive movement.

All of these pages are in my Aquabee  6" x 6" Super Deluxe Mixed Media Book.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Still out of play but….

Well, I've been out of play since May.  Needed another surgery on my wrist for some ligament damage….stay vertical people!  This time I had a cast up over my elbow for immobility and healing so I got a lot of reading done.

Anyway…. I found I had a couple of things I hadn't posted so here they are.

This little 5.5" square print was watercolor painted onto a plexi plate which I let dry before printing. I then went back in with pen.  I got to a place where I really liked it and then went too far and didn't like it.  So I figured if I was going I might as well go all the way and now I love it!  I'm naming this one "Kimonos".

This is the last of my 5.5" x 14" series that I was able to work on before my little break.  Not to say it is the last in the series as I have more waiting in the flat files.

I also chose to add a little bit of white accents to this piece for a little sparkle.

I can't wait until I can get back to really working on art.  The big cast is off and I'm back in the split but my elbow is free to help hold big pieces in place while my pen find the wandering trail!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Oops! Off track again!

I'm still having some issues with the wrist so it is in "Time Out" for 4 weeks in a cast.  If this doesn't work back to surgery.

Oh boy!

So in the mean time I'm back to working on my 5.5" x 14" series of Monoprints with Pen work.  Larger pieces are better since I can only hold the images in place with my left elbow as I work on them.

I guess I really need to have a show titled  
5.5" x 14"

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Monoprint Demo Piece

A few weeks ago I did a demo in my monoprint class on how I ink a collagraph plate which is a textured or layered plate built on illustration board.  Once the plate is sealed it can be inked and printed many times, each time being very different even if one tries to repeat an inking.

8.5" x 8.5" Collagraph Plate

Friday, February 16, 2018

Back on Track

Ok…trying to get back on track with art work and posting.  Yikes, I totally missed January!

I've still been working with my 5.5" x 14" monoprints and a permanent black pen.  These are very relaxing to play with and see where my pen in hand takes me.  Some of these prints were from fairly resent Monoprint Demos I had done at local art leagues and some were from just playing around and "pushing ink".

The "fish" print was made using some rubber cut stamps I made of the fish. They were inked and stamped onto the plate but then once printed they are reversed on the print. The top stamp is actually the word "fish" stylized to be a fish shape.

I think the feather print still needs some more work but I thought I would share it anyway.  I'll post it again when I add some more line work to it.

5.5" x 14" Monoprints and Pen

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to All!
These little Gingerbread houses were my card for my Art Critique Group card exchange. It is about 5" x 10" and with the crease in the fold it will sit on a table or shelf.  I signed on the back just in case they wanted to use it again next year.
Watercolor and Pen

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cold Wax Workshop

 My workshop buddy, Sharla and I went to another fabulous workshop to explore something new to both of us, Cold Wax Oil Painting.  This was in San Luis Obispo and was led by Jerry McLaughlin who was very knowledgable, friendly, funny, hospitable and ok, he was just plain wonderful.
Here are four of my five pieces we worked on layering and scraping over the four days of learning the cold wax techniques.

12" x 16"

The first one has more of the feel of one of my monoprints and I liked the way the colors swirl around the piece.  This next one was a happy accident that I pushed into a new direction.  I had scraped through the layers to build up textures and then put another coat of white and turquoise wax on top which I didn't like so I decided to scrape it all off….and Voilá… adding a little more strategic turquoise this one was done.  It has a watery landscape feel to me.

12" x 16"

Then somehow or other I ended up in space.  After adding layers I scraped out the circle and then rolled a veil of red over part of the circle. Then placing a circle of wax paper over the scraped area I used a palette knife to add the black wax aura.  A couple of black lines balanced out the painting.

8" x 12"

I had also scraped the circle and lines out of this one and added the same idea of a black aura around the circle.  I was just about to throw the wax paper out when I notices the wonderful black wax from the aura technique and pressed it into the piece.  Using my little sticks from Sharla I added the black lines along the path through space.

12" x 16"

Check out Jerry at
There is also a wonderful book:
Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations by Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Doing what I Can…..

Still trying to get in some art here and there as my broken arm heals.  This is a ghost print of a monoprint plate done last semester.  A ghost is made by pulling a second print from a plate without adding thing else to the plate.  I had used some weeds to get the plant images on the first print and this is the ink that was left under those weeds when I removed then.  I then added my black pen and color pencils to add more interest to the print.

5.5" x 14" Monoprint
Pen and Color Pencil

Another monoprint which was just a two color background with a blue string placed on the plate.    I felt this was another fun one to get out my pen and play with Zentangle.  After I was finished with the pen it was rather flat so I added some white pencil to try and give it some depth.

5" x 5" Monoprint
Pen and White Pencil

This Zentangle was another one from my 5" Handbook that I found I had not shared yet.  Starting in the center I drew single Mooka style petals and added ink to the center to make the petals pop.  I felt it could use a border and I though Quabog would fit nicely!  I also really enjoy doing Quabog with the flow of a continual line.

5" Handbook and Pen