Tuesday, June 20, 2017

First Summer Art with Mason

Lucky me I got to play with my grandsons while mommy and daddy were out of town.  What fun and yes I was totally exhausted but ready to do it again!  While they were here Mason and I were able to get in a little art time while little brother napped.

I had drawn the black lines using a fillable maker with Golden high flow acrylic paint and then Mason and I had a great time adding all the beautiful bright watercolors.

Then he had a "great" idea and wanted a big butterfly cut out of the colorful paper.  The little hearts were cut out of the left over paper.  He loved the process of laying down the colors next to each other and watching the way they blended and mixed before our eyes.

Original paper 9" x 12"

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico

My friend, Sharla and I attended The Call of the Wild Soul at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.  It was a great time searching our souls and putting it all toward the journey of art making.  One of the workshops I took involved Eco dying which I loved!  Here is all the papers and silks I did the first day.

The eco dying was led by Elizabeth Bunsen and we were all amazed at the results of the day.  The second day was led by Orly Avineri and we put all those pieces to good use.  We were challenged to make something wearable for lunch that day and I put together this little medicine type pouch.  There is a stained tea bag over the Hibiscus tea stained paper stitched on the sides and bottom to make a little pocket.  The little heart is a copy of my grandmother's handwriting stained with paint.

Orly had us work on a flattened box.  The idea being that it would not become precious but to concentrate on the journey.  This is the beginning of one side of the cardboard with a little collage. We started with white, then watered it down and used a pipette and then mixed it a color to finished the last third.

Here is the other side started with black gesso.  It has paint, collage of paper and silk using some of the eco dyed pieces as well as one of my old wood block prints.  Very interesting and I'm liking what is happening but what do I do with it now?

Refold it into a book cover!  This is the front with a narrow flap folded over from the back on the right side.  I loved this idea as soon as I folded it into this shape. I really like the little peek a boo corners from the inside showing.

Here is the back when folded.  I am not sure how this will develop as I work more in the inside to make it richer and then what pages of who knows what will go inside but I am ready when the time come to continue the journey.

Book size  10.5" x 13.5"

Open  10.5" x 21"

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pushing the Plate

I had some time to play a little last semester in my Monoprint class because I have such awesome people in class who work away making wonderful prints.

Using torn paper I created the background of hills and mountains.  The viewing lady was cut from file folder as well as the flowery swirls which were all inked and placed on top of the inked plate.

This is the finished print pulled from that first plate but…….

there is still the original background ink left on the plate that was masked by the added stencils of the swirls and the lady.  Using that same unwashed plate I added a little more ink and then inked up more cut out stencils of the foliage and the honeycomb and yes I did cut that honeycomb.

This is the print pulled from the first plate with some manipulation of more ink and stencils.  I call this "pushing the plate".  You can only get the second print if you pull the first print and use the information left on the plate.

These prints are 8" x 10"

One of these prints will be the raffle prize at the May Tustin Art League meeting where I will be doing a Monoprint Demonstration.  I couldn't decide which one to use so I framed them both and will give the winner their choice.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Take a Day and Come out to Play

If you live in my area come out and play for a full day of fun and creativity.  This is a beginning introduction to Zentangle and the fun and relaxation you didn't even know you were looking for.  Try something new, meet some new people and most of all come for the fun!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Zentangled Monotype

It started with a monotype.  I rolled different colors of ink onto the plate in a random way.  Then I took the plate to the sink and dripping water onto the inked plate I tipped and turned the plate manipulating the inks on the surface until I was happy with the results. Next I left the plate to dry and then pulled this monotype.

After the print was dry I played with pen and ink and this is the result.  I saw trees, foliage and rocks on the monotype and so that's what I went with using a nice juicy black gel pen and a white paint pen I created this magical little forest.

Pen and Ink
9"x 11"

Friday, February 3, 2017

Encaustic Collagraph Workshop

New fun!  I took a great workshop from Elise Wagner at David A. Clark's studio in Palm Springs.
I have worked on collagraph plates before but not with encaustic wax.  A collagrah plate is a printmaking plate that has texture in the design.  Then the plate is inked and a print is pulled, then more or different inks and more printing.
This is my plate which is a plexiglass plate that I etched some lines into and then using the wax and heating tools I built up my plate.  I took the picture on paper so you could see the design.

This is the first print I pulled from the plate.  Using a plain plexi plate I inked it up with the grey ink and manipulated the ink with a cloth and q tips making the white swirls.  The collagraph plate was inked with a dark blue ink and then wiped to leave ink in the textured areas.   The background plate is printed first and the plates are swapped and the collagraph plate is printed on top of the first prints.

This is the second print with a different color and manipulated background but using the same color on the collagraph plate.  Again using the double drop technique, printing two plates on one sheet of paper.

The plates and prints are 8" x 8"  The design at the bottom of the plate was made using a doily made by my grandma Ethel.

This print was done by using the blue ink that was left on the collagraph plate and top rolling a peachy color over the plate.  The back ground plate was also top rolled with a rosy color over the ink that was left form the first run through the press.  Again a double drop print.

Check out elisewagner.com and davidaclarkstudio.com to see some of their great works and their workshop schedule.

David does Encaustic monoprints and we are planning on a return trip to Palm Springs for another adventure in his studio.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Snowmen


These little snowmen are actually an accordion card I made for a Holiday Handmade Card Exchange with my art group.  It measures 5"x18" but was too long to scan as the whole card.
They were drawn with a micron pen on Stonehenge print paper and then I added a little water color.  They were very fun and I think they are very cute and festive.

****See you next year!****

Friday, September 2, 2016

The End of Summer Journal group

I can't believe summer is over already…..but time goes so quickly when it is full of laughter, joy, and the company of great people.

Thank you Ladies for the many hours filled with all of this and more.  I really enjoy "color therapy" with you all and can't wait for next summer.

But wait I will see you at a different art gathering or in class or for a quick bite and some more joy!

A few last double page spreads before I go.