Friday, July 12, 2013

Last of the Baltic Sea

 This is a part of the wall around the city of Visby, Sweden on Gotland Island.  The keys were worn by the women as a symbol of their homes and their command over running it.  The sea birds were nesting by the ship and if anyone walked too far to the right coming back to the ship they were dive bombed.  Quite intertaining for those of us already aboard!
St. Petersburg, Russia was amazing.  We only visited palaces but they were crazy in opulence! The grounds were just as massive and beautiful.  This lizard was part of some hand painted wall paper.  The door knobs were fantastic.
Of course I had to get a few of those wonderful domes.  I was intrigued by the massive inlaid wood floors.  There were so many types of wood in each of the intricate patterns.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More from the Baltic Sea

Gdansk, Poland was a lovely and interesting city.  We toured a museum of their med evil history and after a hearty lunch got to hear a huge pipe organ concert
On a day at sea we made a stop off the coast of Finland and took zodiacs ashore to hike around a beautiful little island, Kallskar.  The island in not inhabited but there are little shelters you can rent for a night or two.  No amenities...camping in a shelter.  Sounds fun to me!

In Stockholm, Sweden we went to an open air museum which was buildings and structures from all around Sweden and from different eras.  There were people dressed in period costume demonstrating activities of the time.  I loved the wooden tree signs.  This one I know is apple but I don't think it is a granny smith.