Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 2-3 Everyday in November

 Quiet weekend, just little stuff around the house so I got out a couple of in progress drawings to finish up.  Thought  it was a good way to complete the challenge and clear up a few unfinished items.

Saturday, I picked up this one which only had the main flower part done.  It is on a piece of 3.5" x 9" card stock done with a Micron pen.  I like playing with weighted flowing lines.

Sunday, I played with finishing this page in my 5.5" square "hand*book".  It is a great size and I really like the square format.

I wanted to play with a new Zentangle pattern called "Well". It reminded me of a plumeria flower only with less petals. Stacking four in a grid gave it a Hawaiian feel to go with my little palm tree.


Ellen said...

They are both beautiful

Nancy Goldman said...

These are really nice Debbie. I especially like the palm tree. It has a lot of personality and seems to be dancing.

Cathy Holtom said...

I like them both, great work!