Monday, April 26, 2010

Silk Road Exhibit

Back to Bowers Museum this time for the Silk Road Exhibit from China. It is a very interesting exhibit with lots of things to sketch. Would you believe Plum Blossom Desserts from the 7th century! Or an eyebrow pen and ink stone from the 2nd. How about a hair comb that is over 3000 yrs. old.
This is part of a child's silk robe from the 2nd to 4th century. I was really drawn to the color blocking and full sleeve. The mirror bag was also very colorful, I like the scrappy fringe. This wooden comb is well over 3000 years old. Amazing it is still in one piece.

These carved wooden figures were very interesting. They are wrapped in cloth held in place by wooden sticks. One had earrings and a simple carved face and the other just a face with painted lines. The carved female figure had just the remnants of cloth over the body. She looked great for being just over 3800 years old!

Robert Bateman 5" x 7" sketchbook
Pen and Watercolor

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yikes! It's been awhile....

Although I haven't been posting, I have managed to do a few sketches here and there. In January during our big "Storm Watch" Yukon, Lisa and I sketched inside while the rain come down outside. These little ceramic pieces are from Yukon's collection of chop stick rest. I always look through them on every visit and took this chance to sketch them.
In February, my friend Elizabeth and I drove down to Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar. It was a beautiful sunny yet still cool day and there is always lots to sketch at the gardens. I bravely attempted a turtle in a pond but unfortunately it was from a very bad angle. I did apologize to him as I left.
In April "TAL" the Tustin Art League held a two day Paint Out at Linda's house. Yukon called and off we went. Linda's garden was to be on the Garden tour the next week so it was beautiful. I couldn't resist the lovely Irises and they were just perfect for one of my grids.
Give me some rusty metal or some old wood and I am a happy gal. I love trying to get all the wonderful colors and nuances of these two textures. This is a 9 foot tall metal whirligig in Linda's back yard. Somewhat of a challenge as there was a nice breeze and it kept turning but it was lots of fun.

Robert Bateman 5" x 7" Sketchbook
Pen and Watercolor