Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8 in November

….and the last day of teaching printmaking for the fall, always a long but fun day.  Some actual printing was still going on but the big push was for "Bookmarks".  Even if you are an "e" reader you have to admire the beauty of these little art gems.

We take what I have decided to call "un-wallable prints" those that you may not want to frame and hang on the wall.  Then we add more information to the prints with rubber stamps. Some add a lot of stamps and some less.  Then the prints are cut into bookmarks and laminated.

There are always oohs and aahs when they are finished and an occasional,  "Can I have that one?" The laminating really makes the colors of the ink glow.

Sorry for the poor quality of the group shots which were taken with my cell under fluorescent lighting.

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