Friday, November 1, 2013

Art Everyday in November

Okay, so I joined this challenge to do art everyday in the month of November.

Don't ask…it seemed like a good idea at the time.  No, no it is a good idea.  I will post a few times a week to display the fun I am going to have!

Day one: November 1st. I taught printmaking today and because I have such great students, I had a little time to play.  I made these little monoprints using 2.5" acrylic plates, file folder cut outs and smashed pill packages.  When I got home I tore mulberry paper for the long strips and glued everything down to make 3.5" x 5" greeting cards.

On this one I decided to use a darker paper for the strip.  I may go back and do something with the whiteness of the card itself but too tired tonight.  I'll have to think about.

One day down….29 more.

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Ellen said...

I like them! And looking forward seeing the other 29 days!