Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goult, Saignon and Viens

This windmill complete with it's sails was in Goult, another lovely village. We noticed around town there were sculptures made out of trees that had died. They were very interesting. In one of the houses there was a very modern looking window without shutters and in it was this very interesting collection.

Saignon was another village built on a hill of rocks. The buildings were set at different angles making it challenging but also easier to sketch as the prospective was not the same. I added the vine flower at a cafe in the square and decided the page was finished.
Lucky me, I was invited into another lovely home in Viens. The husband saw me sketching and fetched his wife who is an artist. I got the grand tour of their home to see her paintings. I guess I just must have one of those faces! Don't forget to ask for a postal stamp. I think they add so much to the page.
My profile pic was taken of me sketching this broken down wagon turned into plant station. I know my prospective is off some but it was fairly rickety. It was a longer day in Viens so we had a picnic lunch and one small uninvited but interesting guest.

Robert Bateman 6" x 9" Sketchbook
Pen and Watercolor


Shirley said...

I LOVE all of your journal pages from your art trip! What wonderful memories you have a this unique vacation.

Margaret Ann said...

I know you suggested an Arizona sketch date...We really must do this...I must get back into my sketchbooks!!! Lovely spreads...each and every one of them!