Thursday, July 10, 2008

Road Trip to Carmel

Road Trip! My kids and I took a road trip up to Carmel for a few days. Here, we are enjoying a great brunch at Casanova's. Of course this included Champagne as well as great food. It was a wonderful fun trip with lots of great food, wine, card playing and time spent together.

We also stayed one night right on the beach in Cambria. Here I am with the Harbor Seals. I would like to go back and stay in Cambria. The town and surrounding area is beautiful. More great food and wine, and massages before we started for home.
Wine tasting on Carmel Valley Road, Carmel. This lovely place has a large garden and patio area. Here is where we found the red table wine we drank at La Bicyclette restaurant in Carmel. It was a very nice close to the afternoon of wine tasting, followed by a great dinner at Wickett's.

Of course, we visited Hearst Castle on the way up. It was a nice cool day to tour the castle and grounds. We also hiked around Point Lobos and went to the Monterey Aquarium.
We were so busy having fun I only managed one sketch. I did this over two days at the Edgemere Cottages in Carmel.
We took my Prius and drove 930 miles on less than 25 gal. of gas. As J said on the way home, "The Prius is the perfect car!" Great trip and memories. Thanks guys. I love you!


trailbee said...

What a fabulous trip, especially having your children with you! My husband and I wanted to live in Cambria, but our bank account was too small. Love the picture, and those seals!

Anonymous said...

Great work! Looks like a fun time.Joy

Anetka said...

Great time and marvelous sketch:)
I love the energy in it!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is just right to put away the drawing things and just enjoy the moments with your family...that is exactly what you did...and you managed to pull out a sketch or two, which is great!

Margaret Ann said...

What a wonderfullly delightful trip you must have had...Your drawing is charming...such a sweet memory!

Margaret Ann said...

Oooh! I just clicked on a large size of your sketch before saying good bue and noticed the postage cancellation mark...very very cool addition! I must make that trip sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

you sure know how to have fun.

artista said...