Monday, June 9, 2008

San Felipe, B.C.

This last weekend I went down to San Felipe, Mexico in Baja California with my friend, Levana to help her with her new house. The first night we had dinner at an outside restaurant in town. We bought some souveniers from the locals. The stylized fish is a painted sand dollar and the little turtle and snail have boogalee heads. The blue fish is from the tile in her bathroom. I would have liked to get a postage stamp from town but too late. Oh well, next time.
This sketch is of the fireplace in their living room that her husband, Kelly designed. The weather was warm with a lovely ocean breeze so I went out on the patio and sketched some of the plants around the house. They have a very nice desert landscape.
The next day we walked down to the beach. As we walked along the shore I collected, sea shells, drift wood, feathers and even some crab legs. San Felipe is known for their seafood. Levana had never seen a sand dollar and I found a group of them left on the sand by the tide. We took the collection back to her house and I layed out a "sea life" still life. A very fun weekend.

Robert Bateman Sketchbook
Pen and Watercolor


Anonymous said...

Deborah... looks like you had a great time... are you planning to go back in the near future?
The sketches are captivating.
see ya soon

artista said...

Your artwork shows that you had a good time in San Felipe. Ready to go again?

Alison said...

These will be lovely mementoes of your weekend.

trailbee said...

You must have had a great time! The paintings are fab! You always bring back wonderful "memories." Thanks.

mARTa said...

It's been about 35 years since I was in San Felipe. Your description is as I remember. We used to camp on the beach and wake to a low tide. We'd collect sand dollars and then swim the day away. Thanks for taking me back for a bit tonight!

Margaret Ann said...

Oooh my! Love, love, love these pages!!! What a fabulous trip...accented by your always wonderful journalling...thanks for taking us all along through your sketches!

Jan (Juanita) said...

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."
~ John Gardner

Kathleen said...

Love the sea life your work and journal pages show a great sense of design and composition-Kathleen

Teri C said...

What a great ravel sketchbook. I have filled my Bateman sketchbook and need to order another. Thank you for your work that led me to get one!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sketching Deborah! I love them all,but as always is such fun to choose my favourite among your grids...and this time the colourful fish caught my eye!