Friday, April 6, 2007

Recent Monoprints

Here are a couple of monoprints I have done recently.
The train image is titled, "Midnight Express. This print is the result of inking and printing the plate and then manipulating it and printing again without cleaning it and manipulating and printing a third time. The train, leaves and furrows were cut from file folder and then inked and moved around with each printing.

The flower plate was painted with water based inks. I let it dry completely and then painted it again in different colors. I painted it a total of five times. As prints are pulled from the plate the colors come off in layers, giving me a variety of colors and textures.


Africantapestry said...

Oh, these are two lovely prints, Deborah! The colors in midnight express is great and I love the textures and free mixing of the colors in you flowers.
Wonderful prints.

mARTa said...

Wow! These are awesome! I will someday take a printing workshop! I hope you liked our little museum. They held a week long workshop last week and i got a chance to take a look. What great fun was going on there! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am feeling a bit better and surprised myself creating something so colorful when my spirits were less than bright.

Emma Pod said...

These are very nice prints! I especially like the variation and build up of colors in the flower print - a beautiful process.

platitudinal said...

A lot of work went to these beautiful prints. I love the color combination in the flower piece, they’re very bold. The Midnight Express looks very dramatic. Make one wonders what exquisite place it is journeying to …

Anonymous said...

These are really cool! They must have taken you quite a while to do!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your art and your page.
Jane W.

Christeen said...

These are SO gorgeous! I love the textures and colors- I've never seen monoprints like yours, and they're beautiful. Thanks for sharing a bit about how you did them.

Bill Sharp said...


These are really fine monoprints. I did a few of these in my college days and they are really fun.

I especially like the Midnight Express print.

Best regards,


trailbee said...

These look exactly like silk-screen designs; just beautiful.

bite your own tail said...


Thanks for your comments - glad you like my shoe and yes they are green!

This is a lovely blog and I really like your monoprints - I've been thinking about experimenting with some myself lately and I feel really inspired now.

I like your lemons (something sour) too. I think they'd be great printed onto fabric and made in to a cushion.

SCquiltaddict said...

these are very interesting...especially like te top one...nice work!

Karen said...

Very lovely. Thanks for sharing your process!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovely monoprints. I haven't used that technique for a long time so much try again. Also thanks for the details on the technique.

sharpiemark said...

Very nice :) "Midnight Express" is lovely.

Mari Le Glatin Keis said...

I wanted to share Ralph's photos and your blog with Claude. A good opportunity for me to go back to Summer Lake and your wonderfull pages, it is GREAT! great pages and memories to share with us all! Thank you so much to have linked me to your blog, I'll be in touch soon!
Huggs in the meanwhile
Deborah, Claude speaking.... when I see your tree (with the nest), I am right back there! Merci!