Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to Class


Tomorrow starts another 10 weeks of teaching my monoprint class.  These works I did as an example for my students to show the value of working in a series and pushing the design and the plate to see where it will go.  The pods were cut out of manilla file folder and yes, I am a little nuts! I then inked the plate and placed the inked pods on top and got the green print.  When the pods were removed from the plate they left behind the green ink that was under them. I flipped the plate added more ink to it and the pods and ran a second print.           

Then without washing off the plate I added some lines with the side of my brayer and re-inked the pods to get the blue plate.  The next print has the other pods added with more ink.  On the final plate I cut the  stem of the blue pod and added it to the top left.  These five prints were made on the same plate which was not washed or wiped down in between prints.  I call this "pushing the plate".  You can see all the ghost pods and images in the background.  Pushing the plate in a series is fun and you never know where it will take you!
5.5" x 11" Monoprints

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