Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Playing with Kandinsky

A few weeks ago after looking at some of Kandinsky's work we started this project.  This is Sarah's painting which she chose to draw the circles and paint the outer square first, leaving the centers white.  Then Monday she started painting in all the circles in circles but as you can see her imagination and creativity took over.  Great job Sarah!

16" x 20" canvas board
Acrylic craft paint

This is Jessica's painting and she decided to paint solid squares the first week and then circles on top when she came back.  When she returned I told her she could go right and paint in the circles or she could turn left and just play with the squares.  Adventurer that she is she decided to go left and fill the board with collage and pearl white paint.  Wonderful work Jessica!

16" x 20" canvas board
Acrylic craft paints and collage

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Yasmin Thomas said...

If I could only paint this way....