Friday, May 1, 2009

Washington DC

Went to Washington DC to visit my son, Jason, for a week. My friend and travel buddy, Dianne, joined me for the trip. We had a fabulous time, saw the sites, ate way too much great food, walked more miles than I want to count and really enjoyed our time together.
It was Cherry Blossom Festival and boy is that a beautiful sight. On the weekend we went to Georgetown and walked around the Dembarton Oaks Garden. It was sunny day and the gardens were lovely even though a lot of the flowers were not in bloom yet.
We made our way to Jason's apartment on Saturday and he made us a delicious lunch and then we walked around his neighborhood and all the great brownstones. We sat outside at a local coffee place and worked in our sketchbooks.
Thanks Jason and Dianne for a great trip!
Robert Bateman 6"x9"Sketchbook
Pen and Watercolor


Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH YEA! You went travelling again...Yippee!!! I love each of these spreads...You really captured the essense of the glory of DC. Love the red really adds that " somethin' somethin"! "...OOOOH!~ And to be there during cherry blossom time had to be simply divine. OOOOH MY! I so very much enjoy your work!!!!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Long time no see. Love the work. It really is a gift to tell a picture story. You do it so well. Glad you trip was a good one.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sketches in your typical style!Cherry blossoms...beautiful!!

Janice said...

loved looking at the stones on your sketches in Washington ... mmmm lentil soup, think we'll have some tonight

thanks for visitng my blog