Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The semester is almost over in my experi- mental painting class. The third project was Boxes. This was a box with a very rustic finish that I added some mixed media ATCs to the outside and inside of the box and then did some groupings in each of the cubbies.
I found the little aliens in tubes of slime at Target and couldn't resist them. All of the other objects have personal meanings and represent something in my life. The yellow smilely face guy was from an Arby's kid meal about 25 years ago. It was fun to play with all my little momentos.
This "box" is a shrine or collection holder. It is made out of foam core, covered in rice paper, painted and collaged. The idea was from the book, "Crafting Personal Shrines" by Carol Owen. It was great fun to put together and decorate.
The box in the center was a notecard box with a magnetic closure. I added the little shelf.
I was surprised how sturdy it turned out to be. A group of my friends and I are planning a "shrine making workshop this summer". What would you put in your shrine?


Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH MY! I am in love with your shrine!!!...What a hoot it would be to join you this summer in your shrine adventure...Never thought of making one...Sounds totally fascinating...Can't wait to see what you include in yours! :)

mARTa said...

I love this project! Wow...I'm hoping to catch up with all my blog friends this summer. School really takes all my time Yes, let's try to get together this summer!