Friday, March 14, 2008

More from Costa Rica

Here are a few more of my sketches from Costa Rica with Jan Yatsko . This one was a creativity exercise called draw your breakfast. It was a fun challenge. I don't think I have ever drawn sliced fruit. Do you know how many colors are in a slice of papaya? And how good in pineapple jam?
We spend a day with the Maleku, an indigenous tribe of Costa Rica. There are only about 600 in the tribe and they teach their children the Maleku language and Maleku customs in school. We took a walk through their rain forest. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the medicinal plants and we tasted and smelled many of them, most of them were not enjoyable! As we were leaving the rain forest we got the added blessing of being rained on. It was the best, I loved it!
After a very satisfying lunch made by our guide's wife, we were treated to their fire ceremony called: God, Nature and Man. It was a beautiful ceremony with fire, words, song and dance. Afterwards we all got the chance to dance with them aound the fire. It was a great experience.
Returning to our hotel, I walked the gardens and quickly sketched some of the flowers. At the fire ceremony we were given the words to the prayer in English. I used these two pages to write these words in my sketchbook. This was one of my most favorite days in Costa Rica. I will always remember the Maleku and their generous loving spirit.
Robert Bateman Sketchbook Pen and Watercolor


peachtreeart said...

Well it looks like you had lots of fun sketching and painting...don't you love water colour? It is sooooo convenient.

Teri C said...

Wonderful travel sketches. You always take us right with you when you share these. Thanks.

Scrappy Cat said...

What a wonderful experience this must have been. I love all your sketches - especially the last 2 with the words. Very meaningful, and you will always remember your day this way.


PamYla said...

Wow these are all great paintings! Im sure that you had a blast in Costa Rica..Im enjoying your blog

Margaret Ann said...

I have just taken a wonderful jaunt through your blog and have found myself simply infatuated with your travel sketches. They are so full of life and enegetic and fabulously complete! What a wonderful keepsake you have created for yourself...and...your fellow blog travellers!

Teri hit the mark right on...I felt like I went along too!
Thanks...I'll be back!

Alan said...

Very colorful and delightful work. Think it is time to get me some quality pens as well. Several people have told me to do so....looking forward to seeing your updates to your corner of cyberspace.

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog-how fun! :)

Teri and I live about 2 hours apart. What a fun thing that be to have a sketch outing!!...WooHoo! :)

Anonymous said...

some more great is really nice to see and hear all you've experienced and you've captured it all. I would've liked to see the fire ceremony, it must've been something. Nice work!

Anetka said...

thank you for sharing your sketches and ideas.
Wonderful work:))

Anonymous said...

what wonderful sketches! you should do some on
Mequengue! I hear its a pretty waterfall! I sa wit here

keep up the good work. they're soo pretty!


Anonymous said...


Its Sam again! my link didn't work! grraahhhh, here it is

Anonymous said...

Lovely colors and pages - sounds like a great trip!

maggie said...

very charming!I need to check in more often as you are one busy girl!