Monday, May 14, 2007

Flowers and Bowers

EDM Challenge #76 Flowers

This are my Mother's Day Flowers. The beautiful hydrangea will be planted in my tea garden. The peonys are gorgeous and huge! The flowers are six inches across and a very deep burgandy color, which I had trouble mixing the same color. I thought the grid was a great layout for the flowers.

Pen and Watercolor
Robert Bateman Sketchbook

Bowers Museum
Santa Ana, CA

I met two friends at Bowers Museum for a day of art, lunch and sketching. These are from the Shanghai Exhibit. There were pieces from 5000 years of China history. The pieces were beautiful, detailed and in amazing shape for their ages.
Pen and Watercolor
Robert Bateman Sketchbook

Ansel Adams Exhibit

There was also a great exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs. We took our time looking closely at all the photos and even managed to do some sketching. This is my ode to Ansel.

Water Soluable Graphite Pencil
Robert Bateman Sketchbook

There is also a wonderful Egyptian Exhibit at the museum but we spent so much time on lunch and the other two that we ran out of time. We didn't make it to the gift shop either but the up side is we get to go back!


Lynn said...

All of these drawings are beautiful! The gird is perfect for the flowers and your colors are lovely. I also really like the compostion of your museum page. Really nice.

Virginia said...

Sounds like a lovely outing at the museum. Your sketches have such a calm quality--very attractive. Keep up the good work.

Serena said...

Beautiful sketches, Deborah! It looks like a few EDM-er's got challenge #76 out of the way with Mother's Day flowers. :)

Linda said...

I love your grid drawings! The exhibit from China looks like it was marvellous -- what a fun page, and a great way to really observe and enjoy the individual pieces.
Your previous aquarium post made me grin, too -- I saw some of those weedy sea dragon things and was just astonished at how they look like a piece of plant! GREAT job drawing that complicated and sweet little monster!

Sarah said...

Lovely sketches - I find museums are great places to sketch. We have a natural history museum where I live which I visit often. Nice homage to Adams too.

caseytoussaint said...

These are so well done - and it sounds lik a wonderful day out!

gingermoggy said...

Deborah! I like the style of these drawing very much - your musem grid has inspired me to go along to the British Museum today to do a bit... it's just around the corner from me and it's pure laziness on my part that I don't haunt the place daily!!

love your mother's day flowers... I keep hinting but the 4 cats just don't seem to get it!!! Jules

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! The flowers are so colourful and I'm impressed with your ability to use watersoluble graphite; I find them quite difficult to handle.

Africantapestry said...

You flower grid is jsut beautiful and what it seems like such a great time you've had...nice cketches that you've managed to fit in.

Bonny said...

Deborah, you have been busy drawing! Wonderful sketches, too. My favourite of the 3 pages is the museum page. All that history... if only things could talk and tell their stories!!

Fabulous records of your museum visits and of a lovely Mother's Day!

martha said...

Great pages - love the layout!

phthaloblu said...

These are great sketches! Great color and the grid worked wonderfully, too.