Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Two More Fishkets

I said I would and I did…pushed that plate a couple more times to get these two prints.

This plate was done after the red one on the previous post.  I added a metallic gold over the remaining red and then played with the linocuts of fish and the gaskets to add more information to the plate.
After printing the gold print, I added a lovely blue over the remaining information and played some more even adding a new gasket.  

I have decided to call this series "Fishkets"….sounded better than Gaskish to me.  Now I am waiting for that big special coupon for the framing so they can be displayed together.

5.5" x 14"  Speedball Inks


Yasmin said...

Deborah, those look so interesting ����

Deborah said...

Thanks Yas! Can't wait for the grouping to come back from the framers.