Monday, January 12, 2015

More Playing Around

Amoeba? Jellyfish?

It is so funny sometimes when a zentangle becomes something else.  It is kind of like looking at clouds and finding something.  I really like the movement of this one.

5" x 5" Handbook

This one started out as a Sharla exercise at our monthly ZenFriends meeting.  I like the cross hatched background which came about because I was too lazy to fill it in solid black.  Being lazy can be a good thing!

5" x 5" Handbook

I played a little more with the colorful ropes using the Zentangle "hollibaugh" as the pattern for this one.  Playing with these has a very zen quality very similar to the calming "zen" of Zentangles.

5" x 7" in my sketchbook

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