Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Waiting and waiting and…..

What do I do when in Amsterdam waiting for a plane to Pisa?  Whip out my little 5 inch handbook and play with Zentangles.  It sure makes the time go faster.

And then what do you do when your flight 10 days later from Pisa to Amsterdam is delayed and delayed and delayed?  More pen and ink and little calming voice in my head.

And hours later when all the Italians and students are yelling at airport personnel…….of course another Zentangle!  This one I finished up waiting for my plane from Amsterdam to home.  Ahhh…….thank you Zentangle for filling the waiting.


Ellen said...

Love your tiles. And next time you are at Amsterdam Airport let me know. I live close by and would love to spend some time with you, making tiles together.

Yasmin said...

Very nice

Debbie Nolan said...

It looks like you made the best of a bad time. Lovely tiles. Just discovered your blog...will be back to visit you very soon. Have a great week-end.