Saturday, April 12, 2014

Filler Up and Rixty

Playing with a new tangle Rixty.  It is lots of fun to just start and let this one move and grow.

One day last fall I decided to print my palette plate at the end of the day.  Finally got around to cutting the print into pieces and playing with these two.

This a 3.5" Zentangle paper tile.  I started with Rixty in the middle and then just filled it up.  I think I found a new mantra, "filler up, filler up, filler up…."

Another "filler up" page in my 5" x 5" Handbook.  I really enjoy how these pages turn out but believe me there are points in the process where I think, "Yikes! where do I go from here?" There lays the challenge and the fun.

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