Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm back!  I just returned from a fabulous vacation on the Baltic Sea.  10 countries in 16 days!  It was a fast paced trip but oh so much fun.  Wonderful places and people on the trip.  Here are the first few pages of my sketchbook.  This first page is a little street scene from the canals of Amsterdam and then bits and pieces of Lubeck, Germany.

To get to the Baltic Sea we went form the North Sea along the Keil Canal to the Baltic.  It's a beautiful ride and the canal is like a park where the locals take a stroll or come and spend the day. The fish sign come from the next stop but I put it on this page with the fishermen.
Everything in Germany that was in bloom was white or a very pale lavender so when I stepped foot on Christianso Island in Denmark I was welcomed with color, color, color.  So I did a botanical page, at one point sitting on a rock under my umbrella sketching!

In Klaipeda, Lithuania I took the Hill of the Witches tour which was a nice hike in the forest amongst carved witches.  Each statue told one of the many pagen stories from the past.  The black circle is metal and topped one of the carvings. I had to add a little sprig of evergreen to represent the forest.

On to Tallinn, Estonia where I opted for the bog walk.  I had been on a bog in Alaska a few years ago and surprise all bogs around the world have pretty much the same plants.  It was a very relaxing and interesting way to spend my time. The little Sun Dew plant is a bug eater!


Dick Keis said...

Felicitaciones Deborah! I really like this. Marie would also.

Carolyn Blocher said...

Ah, Marie would, wouldn't she. I was thinking of her on my recent trip to France. I took my sketchbook and, alas! didn't sketch. Deborah, your art still puts a song in my heart. I haven't visited for a long time but felt the inspiration today to reconnect. I'm so glad I did.. Thank you for sharing your gift.