Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walking with Wiley

A few weeks ago I went for the first walk of the year with Wiley at Irvine Park.  She was a little slower that day wanting to spend time sniffing all the wonderful smells.  So every time she stopped, I stopped, looked around and picked up a little treasure.  Then I brought them all home and sketched them.  I set them on the table in a small pewter dish and enjoyed a little bit of the outside, inside.

Robert Bateman Sketchbook
5" x 7"
Pen and Watercolor


Shirley said...

Love these kinds of pages - and I'm sure you will have a Proustian moment each time you see it!

Ann said...

Beautiful page! And what wonderful treasures to find on your walk!

john.p said...

Ah, a great sketch after my own heart! I like your approach and I also find great joy in sketching such gatherings of treasures.