Monday, December 20, 2010

China Sketches

Here are some bits and pieces from displays at the Xinjiang Museum in Urumqui. From musical instruments, jewelry, flint and a colorful tobacco bag. It was great to see all the cultural influences.

These images are from the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes. There were all these amazing rooms with statues, carvings and walls full of frescos. Buddhas, buddhas everywhere. And look, I found the post office all by myself and somehow walked out with two cancel stamps.
Just another crazy white lady.
The Gobi desert was very interesting. We walked on the sand to an oasis with a beautiful pagoda and then took a short, thank goodness, camel ride. This section of the great wall is mud and reeds and is thousands of years old. I saved my camel ride ticket. Camel #317
The bus helped me paint the Yadan landform. The bumpy ride was great for uneven colors. The rest of the images are sections of the walls, roofs, pagodas and tiles of places we visited. This was a real "sketchwalk", I had to sketch while I walked to keep up.

Robert Bateman Sketchbook 6" x 9"
Pen and Watercolor


Alex said...

Oh wow! These are amazing too =) I really like how each item are nicely sketched with such great amount of details ^^

debra morris said...

Great sketchbook spreads

Jilly said...

I've spent such an interesting time looking at your sketches.
They're so inspiring as we are going to Tibet and the Silk Road in 2011. I hope I can produce such wonderful sketchbook memories. Jill (in Australia)

Swati said...

I am so inspired by your sketches.Thanks for sharing.

donna said...

I can't believe you can sketch this well and walk. Very impressive sketches.

Ann said...

Fascinating pages and beautifully done! I really enjoyed this peek into your inspiring sketchbook!

kazumiwannabe said...

What a fantastic collection of souvenirs! This must have been a wonderful and rich time. The series you did while walking is especially great - that's a real sketch walk!