Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here come the Buoys!

Finally! Finished this last week but couldn't get it posted. One of those "life got in the way of my schedule" things. Once I got the layers done on all the buoys and floats, my background was too light so I added another wash and that really helped. It was a fun assignment. Working on a black and white only still life right now. Not so fun.....yet.


Anonymous said...

wow, this looks great. I like the seperated panels.. nice effect. and thanks for commenting at my blog.

christine said...

This is a really fun composition!

BMoon said...

Very nice, love the design and your color palette. Cool.

bubblemunch said...

They're great.
I love the colour combinations you've chosen.

artista said...

I just love the colors, I may try your grid method in my paintings to give it a more interesting feel.
muy Bueno!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work! I love how you seperated the piece into the little boxes, same for the Bower's African piece. Very creative and fun!

Anonymous said...


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