Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Remembering Provence

I found a new magazine, La Vie Claire. I am not a big magazine girl but my good friend, Mari Le Glatin Keis, was interviewed for the Spring 2008 issue. It was a lovely article about Mari, her ideals, and her workshops. The magazine is beautiful with wonderful pictures and articles. It comes out four times a year and is $6.99 an issue. I may have to subscribe to this one. It's a mini relaxing vacation.

Reading about Mari made me remember the very special time I had in Provence with her last October. I decided to post a couple more pages from my sketchbook. These are images from the dining room at the Domaine. We were served breaskfast and dinner in this warm cozy room. I loved the use of the old scale as a place to hold some bright flowers.
This is the last page done in Pont Saint Espirt before returning to Paris and our flight home. One more walk down the lane along the Rhone River to record the wonderful peaceful feeling of this very special place.
I can't wait to join Mari in Astoria, Oregon this August. My sister is joining me on the trip and I know we will have another amazing adventure with Mari. Check out Mari and her wonderful workshops at her website:


Teri C said...

Oh I need to find this magazine-sounds great.
Loved traveling with you with these wonderful paintings.

mARTa said...

Hi Debbie! Wishing you a great Valentine's day!!!

Teri C said...

Thanks Deb, I just 'happened' to go past a B&N's so I stopped and got the magazine. It is beautiful and I love the article about Marie. Thanks.

Lisalou said...

I am also in love with the magazine and the article about your friend, Mari. I am enjoying your blog very much! Lisa