Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Doing what I Can…..

Still trying to get in some art here and there as my broken arm heals.  This is a ghost print of a monoprint plate done last semester.  A ghost is made by pulling a second print from a plate without adding thing else to the plate.  I had used some weeds to get the plant images on the first print and this is the ink that was left under those weeds when I removed then.  I then added my black pen and color pencils to add more interest to the print.

5.5" x 14" Monoprint
Pen and Color Pencil

Another monoprint which was just a two color background with a blue string placed on the plate.    I felt this was another fun one to get out my pen and play with Zentangle.  After I was finished with the pen it was rather flat so I added some white pencil to try and give it some depth.

5" x 5" Monoprint
Pen and White Pencil

This Zentangle was another one from my 5" Handbook that I found I had not shared yet.  Starting in the center I drew single Mooka style petals and added ink to the center to make the petals pop.  I felt it could use a border and I though Quabog would fit nicely!  I also really enjoy doing Quabog with the flow of a continual line.

5" Handbook and Pen