Sunday, June 28, 2015

Art Journaling Pages

These two pages started by Sharon and I talking about different paints and high flow acrylics came up.  I had bought some but had not worked with them yet so I grabbed the two colors on the right page and made some swishes.  Then going over to my stack of pages of color and texture from magazines I found two pages with the same colors!  I tore some strips and tried mirror imaging the painted page.…….ah the serendipity of art and serendipity of life.

For the next spread I used two different seascapes at sunset to build my background.  The butterfly just seemed to flutter into the picture.  I found a compass rose for the next page and it reminded me I need to look into another adventure cruise with Lindblad National Geographic.  Where to go?  Where to go?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sending Out Some Zen

Some more Zentangle time to share.

This one was started at LAX while waiting for our flight to France and finished there.  It actually was drawn in this configuration and when I tried to flip it on it's side to put the "fescu" at the bottom it was not happy… so here it stays.

This Zentangle was drawn in this direction as well but could also be turned to give a different feeling.  Hummm…….what do you think?

5" Handbook and Pen

Monday, June 1, 2015

Art Journaling

Summer Fun!  A group of friends and I are taking an Art Journal Adventure this summer.  We are getting together every other Tuesday to play in our Art Journals.

Ripping, glueing, painting, smearing,  mark making and words…..all of this and lots of friendship and laughter as well!

This is a two page spread I worked on last week.  Using some small monoprints, home made stamps, a little scribbling and words these two pages came together.

Borrowed words from Ralph Waldo Emerson, Aristotle and Walt Disney with a few of my own make these pages work for me.

This is a 7" x 10" spiral bound sketchbook I started in 2006…YIKES!  Only a few pages left here and then I can start another one.