Monday, February 10, 2014

I touched a whale!

Yes, I did from a zodiac in the Sea of Cortez. Two of my sisters, Lynette and Nancy and I just returned from a week  with Lindblad National Geography.  What an adventure!  This is my hand rubbing the belly of a mama whale who is half under the zodiac.

Here we are on one of many, many zodiac rides.  We saw a blue whale, humpback whales, dolphins, snorkeled with the sea lions and had many encounters with mother grey whales and their calves.

Looking for grey whales!

Of course there was time for some sketching.  The landscape was beautiful and so serene.  Sketched the blue whale from a photo and the mask and snorkel is for our time in the water with the sea lions.

All of the islands were protected so beach combing for sea shells for sketching or photographing was the order of the day.  The doctor on the ship was carving a beautiful chess set during down times on the ship.

This gridded page is strolling Boca de Soledad island in Bahia Magdalena.  Mangroves, red alga sea shells, interesting plants, and bits and pieces.  The island also has beautiful flowing sand dunes of the finest sand blowing and blowing.  Magical.